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19 | 09 | 2021
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The Laboratory of Medical Genetic of IRCCS CSS Hospital provides all the equipments used for the preparations and storage of cell lines and nucleic acids. The Laboratory of Medical Genetic is fully equipped with all the main instruments for cytogenetic, FISH and molecular genetic analyses.

Particularly dedicated to the biobank are:
- two Equipped Tissue culture Rooms, one qualified to use Epstein Barr virus
- four Incubators, 2 Laminar Flow Hood.
- one microcentrifuges, 1 refrigerated microcentrifuges
- 3 thermal cycler 9700 ABIPRISM.
- ABIPRISM HT 7900 Sequence Detection System for Quantitative PCR
- Affymetrix GeneChip WorkStation
- Two High Resolution Cameras for FISH detection
- Automated DNA Extractor Biorobot EZ1
- BD BIOMEK 2000 robot station
- 3 ultra-deep freezers for storage of about 5000 frozen
- 2 vial-tanks for liquid N2 for tissue storage for cell culture
- 2 freezers (-20°C and -80°C) for DNA and RNA samples storage
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