Padre Pio invites each group to (art.14 and 15, Statutes):

  • Meet once a month for prayer and celebration of the Mass;
  • Establish, with the help of the Spiritual Assistant, the educational paths on the basis of the members’ needs and the environment;
  • Arrange spiritual exercises, retreats, prayer days and other types of initiatives according to the instructions of the Ecclesiastical Authority;
  • Pray in particular for the Church, the Pope, the Bishops; for the ecclesiastical and religious vocations, the sanctification of the clergy, the needy, the sick, the elderly, sinners and atheists for their conversion and to ask that their lives become authentic Christian lives.

It is advisable that the Sacrament of Reconciliation be included in the meetings.

At least once a year, the Group should fill in the Activity Report and send it to the International Centre of the Prayer Groups in San Giovanni Rotondo.