Missionary men and women: small concrete proposals to involve brothers and sisters in the missionary life of the Church

The commitment of April 2021

Praying in the family is not easy, sometimes it is difficult even just praying before meals. However, there is a discreet and very fruitful path: that of personal contact. Precisely the so-called elderly (or old if we link this word to the wisdom of those with white hair) can be the bearers of advice, creating true bonds and encouraging reconciliation. The family is a truly important field for the mission, but one fundamental thing is necessary: we must take a step back from God. It is He who converts and changes hearts, we must learn to open the way for him. Our essential weapons are humility, concealment, goodness of heart. A believer who makes room for God knows how to lose himself, especially within the walls of his home.


Read and download the catechesis of April 2021 edited by Father Luciano Lotti